Customer Engagement

Brand Video, Social Media, FAQ Videos, Customer Testimonial

We have experience that can help you reach your consumers and customers in creative and compelling ways. We work with you directly to create focused video content that is tuned to delivering impact on your website, through social media, on platform channels, and as recurring content you can use to more deeply engage and connect with your consumers and customers. Some of the areas where we can help include advertising and brand, social media, FAQ/training, and customer testimonials. The power of video deployed correctly can make a huge difference in consumer impact.

Product Video for Ecommerce
People are more likely to buy when they see the product being used in video.

Lifestyle shots of how the product is used answers that question for the viewer.

The Power of Social Media
Today’s consumers respond to social media video only when it’s done right. We understand this channel well and have demonstrated what it takes to produce video that gets shared and “liked”.

It’s A Social World
When people started watching video on mobile phones, everything changed. Square video. No audio. Graphic text. Some producers still have their heads in the sand. WPRNY knows what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do to make engaging video content for your social media channels and how to increase the chances of your videos going viral.

This is a mini makeover video designed to make viewers stop scrolling and watch.

Video to Increase Sales

Increase Engagement Increase Sales

Increase Engagement Increase Sales

Studies show that video keeps web visitors engaged and increases their willingness to buy.

Video Helps Search
Search engines track how long visitors stay on your web site before they bounce back to the search result pages. Video increases that time and also the likelihood that your web site will appear in search result pages. Ultimately, video engages visitors and drive sales.

Branding, Websites & Search Marketing
Sometimes our small businesses clients can benefit from our advice on branding, messaging or search marketing. We have expertise doing that that too.

Seeing and Hearing is Believing
It may be as simple as letting customers hear others talking about your service.

People are more likely to believe the testimonial if they see and hear the person giving it.

The Best Way To Get Started

Let us know some details about your objectives by phone or start here online and you will receive a proposal that you can show your colleagues within one or two business days.