Partner Engagement

Reach Your Suppliers, Retailers, & Partners

Video communication and support can be one of the most powerful tools to develop, coordinate and motivate your business partners. At WPRNY we have worked in the studio and on live events to launch products, train retailers and distributors, and communicate new initiatives and company direction. With today’s technology, we can also help you engage with your partners to create a two-way dialog and reaction to your message.

Examples of Partner Videos – Some Of Our Best Work Is Confidential

Helping Retailers, Distributers, Agencies & Brand Partners to Understand Company Initiatives and Direction.

Case 1 – Video To Engage Retail Partners
A large fashion brand wanted their retail partners to engage with their clothing. WPRNY produced a videos of the lead designer talking about his latest line and what inspired him to make the choices he made. Industry experts paired the clothing into outfits and talked about how it worked with the latest styling trends. When retailers saw it, not only did they feel included in the design process, they were able to speak with the consumer in a highly intelligent and engaging way about details of individual items or about the entire collection and why it was relevant, current, and hip.

Case 2 – Video To Coordinate Agency Partners & Brand Managers
One of our clients wanted to let their brand managers and agency partners understand how serious they were about addressing the millennial generation. We produced the video pieces to help communicate this initiative in a visual compelling way.

Case 3 – Video to Focus on New Initiatives
We produced video content to help a large institutional bank communicate their commitment to meeting the needs of women across all their partners. The video was taken during a conference and each video piece stood on it’s own to teach specific aspects regarding supporting women as customers and as the employees of the organization.

Let Them Be There With Live Events
We can support you with live events and allow partners to engage in a two-way dialog to your message.

WPRNY helped American Express Leadership Academy reach hundreds of partners all over the world by including them in the keynote from New York in 2016 and a live twitter conversation in real time.

Keeping Partners Engaged In Your Story
Scripted Narration works with interviews & natural sounds to tell the story to your partners in an engaging way.

American Ballet Theatre hired us to help them announce a diversity initiative to partner dance studios across the country.

Seeing and Hearing is Believing
It may be as simple as letting customers hear others talking about your service.

People are more likely to believe the testimonial if they see and hear the person giving it.

The Best Way To Get Started
Let us know some details about your objectives by phone or start here online and you will receive a proposal that you can show your colleagues within one or two business days.