All Traffic Sources
All Traffic Sources Dashboard: It shows the number of users you acquired during the specified dates, along with their sources. It also shows the page load time, which is the time it takes users to load your page from each source or medium.

Content Analysis Dashboard
Content Analysis Dashboard: This report helps you analyze your top pages along with page views, unique page views, average time users spend on that page and bounce rate, which is the percentage of users who leave your site after seeing that page. It also has the contact page stats, which relates to the goal you have created.

Digital Dashboard
This report tells you about the number of session according to the sources.

Hour of Day Dashboard
This report shows the hours of the day when your users visited your website.

Landing Page Analysis
Landing Page analysis shows the pages where users first enter your website.

Mobile Ecommerce Dashboard
Mobile E commerce Dashboard shows the activity of mobile users on your website, trom devices to the keywords they searched.

Mobile Performance Duration – Sessions
Mobile Performance Dashboard shows the visits by the mobile network such as iOS, android etc., so you can see how these users may trend differently from the general users.

Referral Traffic Dashboard
Referral Traffic Dashboard shows the stats of traffic from the source they were referred to your website along with the city data.

SEO Dashboard
SEO Dashboard shows the keywords data up to 7+ words Keywords and which pages where visited when users clicked on your website from Google or other search engines.

Site Performance Dashboard
Site Performance Dashboard gives you technical info that your developers want to optimize the speed of your site. It tells you the server response time, page load time, page views and which country users visit your website the most and how long it takes them to see a page.

Social Media Dashboard
Social Media Dashboard shows which social media platforms your visitors have used to visit your website.

Visitor Acquisition Dashboard
Visitor Acquisition Dashboard shows the top number of users according to their source and medium