Motion graphics are a great way to tell your story. They can show the timeline of your products, demonstrate where you’ve come from, and show your influences on the industry or culture. Here is an example we produced:

We also like to create motion graphics to show quotes from leadership or generally to cover scripts and reinforce information when we don’t have video. These elements are built into a program called AfterEffects and we can either create the entire design or animate the art that is given to us from your company’s design team.

Product timeline videos can make use of motion graphics

Motion Graphics with AfterEffects is a chore capability at WPRNY, and we produce animations like these that can work in powerpoint presentations, company video overviews, or on your “About Us” page. If you think you want help creating assets like these for your projects or website, feel free to reach out to us to see if it makes sense to have us on tap as your flex production crew or to manage your whole product.