If you don’t have The Usual Suspects banned from your Search Marketing campaigns, you’re going to pay for it over and over again. So you may as well pay us for it once and only once. Our negative key phrase list — The Usual Suspects™ — saves money month after month. This is a no brainer. It’s for sale. You should buy it.

Our list of The Usual Suspects™ contains hundreds of words that will not result in a sale. You add them to your search marketing campaigns so that your ads don’t appear when people use these words in a search. If your ads don’t appear, they won’t cost you money.

Our competitors are paying for this traffic which has no chance of converting! Don't make the same mistake.

Our competitors are paying for this traffic which has no chance of converting! Don’t make the same mistake.

The problem in an example — take the word “jobs”, for example. You probably want jobs in your negative key word list. We advertise for “video production”. We are looking for marketing directors or managers who want help with video production. But so do hundreds of other video production companies and we’re all bidding for the same traffic. The venn diagram of people searching “video production” includes a sizable chunk of people searching for “video production jobs”.

Because we have “jobs” in our negative keyword list, Google is selling that traffic to our competitors who don’t have jobs as a negative keyword. So not only do we get better traffic, we make our competitors pay for worse traffic.

No matter what you’re selling — computer software, cosmetic dentistry, toys, or comics, for instance — people are looking for jobs. Computer software jobs, cosmetic dentist jobs, toy jobs, jobs in comics.

Now here’s the rub. Sure, jobs, a no brainer. Our negative key word list of The Usual Suspects™ contains almost 60 words that are typically used in job searches and hundreds and hundreds of other words that will almost never result in a customer. You want each and every one of them them in your account too.

Now, there are two ways to get them in your account.

  1. You can look at your query reports in adwords week after week and discover each one of these hundreds of words there after you’ve paid Google for them.
  2. Or you can buy our negative key word list of The Usual Suspects™ and get them all at once.

The Usual Suspects™ negative key word list costs $495 and we will even install it on your Google Adwords account if you want — all included — or we will send it to you for you to install if you prefer. And we will keep sending you updates to the list as more words are discovered in the future.

This will absolutely save you money in the long run because it will eliminate you being charged for web traffic that is unlikely to become a customer.

About The Usual Suspects™ Negative Key Word List

  • Our negative keyword list is broken into 14 categories.
  • Our negative keyword list was cultivated over the management of hundreds of accounts that we have managed over the years.
  • Businesses don’t usually sell their negative key phrase campaigns because it’s a strategic advantage over their competition.

More About What a Negative Keyword List Is And Why You Want Ours

There are certain words that people use in searches that will almost always mean they are not going to become your customer.

Consider the wide wide wide spectrum of what might be considered normal human sexuality. Then consider words that might be added to any other word in a (perhaps drunken) google search. For instance, xxx or boobs. Unless you’re in the adult video industry these searches won’t result in a sale.

Now, perhaps you sell umbrellas or perhaps you’re a plumber.

You might think that no one would ever search “xxx umbrella for sale” or “plumbing chick with boobs” but you’d be wrong. And without a negative keyphrase list, these searches that might trigger your ads. I’m willing to guarantee it.