We recently have been helping doctors appear on the second largest search engine — YouTube. Lately we cool them up and make their practice and somewhat dry subject matter seem hip and current by using a techno beat music sting at the top and bottom of the video and we use a two camera treatment with SLR camera.

Brown Spots on Your Hands — what can be done about them.

We do 20 or even 30 of these in a 1/2 day shoot. Then we have the content transcribed so when we post the video, we also post the transcript. This is great for SEO. Then we edit and release a new video every week on schedule, again Google and YouTube (and the doctor’s Facebook Page Followers and Twitter Followers) love the periodic releases which, over time, endears them to the doctor. The cost of all this is as little as $4900.

We have been doing this for DRHC Medical Marketing, a firm that specializes in providing a suite of marketing services specifically for doctors.