What is Content Marketing?
Content Marketing involves the creation and sharing of media in order to acquire customers and for the purpose of retaining the customers you have. Typically the media are things like videos, white papers, infographics, e-books, case studies, how-to guides, FAQ articles of videos, blogs or podcasts.

But Content Marketing media is distinguished from a mere advertisement because the intent of the media is to add some value to the viewer’s life.

Value typically means helpful information, news or entertainment. In content marketing, content is created to provide consumers with the information they seek. So as people search for answers, you want to give them what they’re looking for.

Why Video Content Marketing is Ideal for Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals
The advent of the internet, applications like Google & Facebook have made video content marketing a viable strategy for building awareness about you and your clinic or hospital. People with conditions, and their family or care givers, have an incredible appetite for information about the diagnosis. They are searching the internet for every morsel. And

Example FAQ Video for a Cosmetic Dentist

Here is an example of a series of videos that we produced for a cosmetic dentist in New York. Because we followed a specific process in while producing and publishing these videos, his practice appears high in the organic Google result pages.

Content Marketing History
If you’re skeptical Content Marketing, consider the long history. Starting in 1895, John Deere, the tractor manufacturer, published a magazine The Furrow in order to help farmers become more profitable. That magazine is still published today. Or consider the Michelin Guide, which was started in 1900 to help drivers travel.

Content Marketing for Medical Professions
The health care industry uses content marketing for FAQ videos regarding procedures, videos about hospitals or clinics, Continuing Medical Education (CME) series, and webinar conferences for advocacy groups or special areas of hospitals.

Content Marketing Boom
We are sharing this strategy because it works. If you want to do it yourself, here’s our primer on How to create your own video content marketing campaign. If you want to outsource this to experienced marketing professionals who have demonstrated that the strategy gets results, we want you to call us now so we can help you create your content calendar in a way that reaches your patients.