Creative Video Production Services

In most cases, only after listening to all your needs can we help determine the price of a craft service. If you think you have a need for a craft service, this form is designed to help us focus on your objectives. However, below are some of the more typical craft services and an idea of base pricing.

Promotional Video

Highlight the success of your event, service or product by providing an exciting fast-paced overview. A promotional video is typically a 1-2 minute highly effected video that features your product, event, or service. Includes a 1/2 day of video production, company logos, b-roll, selected sound bites, graphics & music edited together in an exciting memorable fashion. More info about the Promotional Video Package

Keynote Highlights

Allow those unable to attend your event to view highlights from key speakers. Selected sound bites from your presenters are edited together to provide a brief synopsis of subjects covered. We will custom match the colors of your business or event logo into the lower third graphics, along with featuring your logo at the beginning and end of the video.These are typically three minutes in length. The cost of this package does not include video taping your event.   More info about the Keynote Highlights.

News Feature

Our News Feature provides a ‘news of record’ for your event or service. These videos are produced just as you would expect from a TV news outlet. Our producers will conduct research on your market or field, pre-interview those speakers involved and then write a script using sound bites collected during reporter interviews, finally voicing over the scripted copy. The average length of these pieces range from two to four minutes. Included in the costs are one day of shooting, all producer/voiceover services, and up to ten hours of editing.  More info about the News Feature.

Training Video

Ensure that each of your customers receive the same experience that you expect by providing a detailed and consistent training.  Providing a training video for your current and future employees removes a lot of the inconsistency out in your customer service. Each training video is tailored to exactly the what you need to convey to your employees.  More information about the Training Video.


Bringing a new product to the market?  Beginning a new sales push campaign for an existing product?  Add a new dimension to your marketing by producing a video that shows the strengths and benefits of your product.  For a lot of products, potential customers may not be sold  from a print ad release.  Providing them with an engaging video showcasing your product, really can help increase not only the awareness, but also success of your product.  This is typically 15-20 minutes in length.  More info on the Infomercial.