Day Summit

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A conference can pack a lot of material into a day.  Depending on the audience, there is a lot of ‘market moving material’ generated from these events; however, many participants are too engrossed in the presentations to always keep up with notes.  Recording all of your speeches and presentations provides a way to archive the tremendous amount of material covered. The videos can then be uploaded to your company or organization’s website or kept internally for future marketing purposes.  

  • Up to eight hours of speeches and/or presentations
  • Insertion of up to 30 power point slides
  • Editing
  • Graphics: Your video will begin and end with the topic of the upcoming speech and name fonts will be custom matched with your logo. At the end of each video one page of contact information or upcoming dates will be animated on and off.
  • Videos can be outputted as three web formats or as a DVD and two web formats.

We have provided HD camera service in Manhattan for as little as $595, however, only after listening to all your needs will we be able to give you an accurate estimate. To get started with a quick, easy, no hassle, no obligation estimate from WPRNY, please fill out the form on this page now.

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