Often times,  a print news release on a new product or release doesn’t do your company the justice it deserves.  By being able to display and show the productivity or convenience of the item, can really make a difference in actually making the development a success.  Provide this interaction and working display or your product by marketing with a well produced video.

Our product marketing videos help to engage the viewer on the benefits of owning your product.  This well produced video can help convert sales from clients that may not have otherwise been aware of your product.

The marketing videos are typically between 15-20 minutes in length and can be shot at your own location, a studio or in the field.


  • Eight hours of video taping at a single location or facility.  We can arrange for a studio for product demonstrations.
  • Voiceover and script.
  • Editing.
  • The music license to underscore the video. 
  • An open graphic animating on introducing the video and a graphic at the end announcing your contact information and next event if applicable.  
  • The address can be outputted as three web formats or as a DVD and two web formats.


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