Interviewing a CEO or senior member of your organization’s staff is an easy and engaging way to deliver your message to employees, clients and share holders.  This on camera interview is shot at your office or facility, and features a single member of your staff either being prompted with predetermined questions or allowed to address several key points they wish to convey.  Up to two hours of filming is included along with editing to create a video that is up to thirty minutes in length.

Your organizations logo will be animated on at the beginning and end of the video, and if needed one page of contact information can be added to the end of the clip for follow up correspondence.

The address can be outputted as three web formats or as a DVD and two web formats.

Translated voiceovers are available.

We have provided HD camera service in Manhattan for as little as $595, however, only after listening to all your needs will we be able to give you an accurate estimate. To get started with a quick, easy, no hassle, no obligation estimate from WPRNY, please fill out the form on this page now.

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