Our Terms of Service V2

Your engagement of WPRNY will be governed by our Revised Video Services Agreement V2. By checking the box below and by completing the other required fields below, you acknowledge and agree that (i) you understand and agree to the terms of the Video Services Agreement on behalf of the Client and (ii) you have provided a secure electronic signature under New York Electronic Signatures and Records Act:


Pricing and Payment

Our fee for the scoped services will be set out in our initial invoice to you. The payment schedule is specified on the invoice and work will begin after receiving the initial payment and work will continue on schedule as the payments are made. If a payment schedule is not specified on the invoice, than 50% of the total fee will be due upfront, and we will begin work after receiving your initial payment. The balance of the fee will be due on completion of the project. If the project changes while we are working on it, there may be changes to our fee or the payment schedule.

Change Management Process

When the initial scope includes an edit service, our fee will include some rounds of revisions to the work we produce:

Script: up to 2 rounds
Voiceover: 1 round of minor changes (original recording will include 1-2 takes)
Storyboard and style frames (applies to animation only): up to 2 rounds
Completed video: up to 2 rounds (assuming revision requests fit within original project scope)

Additional revisions, or changes deemed out of scope, will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


When the scope includes an edit service, once you have approved the final video and paid our final invoice, we will deliver the final video file to you in HD resolution (1920×1080) in .MOV or .MP4 format (or a similar resolution or file format by request). WPRNY is not responsible for hosting the video, embedding it on your website, uploading it to YouTube, providing a video player or similar service. When the scope does not include an edit service, final payment is due upon receipt of the raw video footage.

Intellectual Property

We will assign to you all of our right, title and interest in the copyrights to the video upon your payment of the final invoice. We make no ownership claims with respect to any intellectual property you supply to us for purposes of the video. We do ask for a limited license to use the video for demo and marketing purposes. Also, we will retain all intellectual property rights in materials created by us but not conveyed to you, such as illustrations, source files, preliminary concepts or rejected designs.

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