The confluence of new technology has made video is one of the hottest tools for corporate communication today. When you look at where the future is going, one of the predictions of the next 5 years is that more people will be communicating with video in corporate America than ever before.

More meetings are happening this way.

That’s because video is an effective way to communicate to employees and the rest of the world and it’s within the reach of all levels of your company. Video is information snacking. People like to watch. And these days video is easy to make. So how can you use video in your business?

First, take a look at real time video like video conferencing. Soon, a majority of meetings are going to be taking place this way and there will be less incentive to travel for a face-to-face. It’s already happening. So set up that Skype account and start using it.

Now look at video in a non-real time environment. For instance, the way a company like Cisco was doing things in the past, a product manager would spend hours writing documents and then send those documents out hoping others in the company would read through them. These days, the product managers tend to sit down in front of a camera and talk about the product, demonstrate the features, and make the manuals available on-line.

When we do the analysis, looking at the impact of video vs test, we find that the time people remain on the site is exponentially longer with video. We discover that video content is retweeted more than text. So if you’re having trouble getting somebody to blog, that might be a blessing. Ask them to video blog instead. And help them have fun doing it.

Because that’s what makes great video content! Of course you have to be knowledgeable about the topic, and you have to be able to be creative in how you present the topic. But it really helps if you can be entertaining as well. Video is the medium where you capture the authenticity of the people. Try to be something you’re not and your caught instantly. So don’t be phony — be funny instead. Be yourself.