There are many times when you want the subject looking directly at the camera. Unfortunately, many videographers don’t feel comfortable advising that shot. The following post will help you understand when and why you want to look into the camera.

Many corporate videos have the speaker looking off to the side of the frame, looking off camera, as if they’re talking to a person in the room who is interviewing them. For so many types of communication, this shot is inappropriate.

Hero Shot - Subject Looking Directly Into The Camera

Hero Shot – Subject Looking Directly Into The Camera

It is often more engaging for the viewer to be looking the subject directly in the eyes. To accomplish this, the subject needs to be looking directly into the camera while talking. We call this the Hero Shot.

So why do videographers sometimes advise the wrong shot? I think this is because so many videographers come from film school where they learn about making narrative feature films. In most movies, the actors don’t look at the audience. That the fourth wall is not to be broken.

But everyone knows that you should look someone in the eyes when communicating with them. It’s far more engaging. There is some down side to direct eye contact. In some cases it can make a person feel uncomfortable. But 9 times out of 10, if you’re trying to reach that person, if you’re trying to talk to them, direct eye contact is a no brainer.

In the following video, there are moments when the subject is looking directly and the camera and also a moment where the subject is looking off camera. Compare the feeling of engagement.

Watch This Video. You’ll be more engaged with Shannon when she is looking directly into her eyes.

To accomplish this, we used a one way mirror and an Teleprompt+, an ipod application, to reflect the script onto the mirror. We use the second camera to allow us to make edits and to give variation. We shot twelve videos like this in one day and edited them all in two days. Once again, we delivered better quality video at lower costs.

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