The Customer

Nothing is more compelling than seeing and hearing real customers sing the praises of your products and services. We do that with video customer testimonials, success stories, documentary case studies, and man-in-the-street Interviews. Use our creativity and experience to help you do this well. Then there is market research, focus groups and polling — think of what you could learn.

The Product or Service

Product demos show how your product works and highlight the features that differentiate it from that of your competitors.Product presentations are when you let your customers tell the visual story of your product or service. Third party product reviews are trusted by your customers. Could you be using all three? In Store Video and company lobby or waiting room video?

Corporate Communications Videos

Corporate overviews, executive presentations & staff presentations — video is a great way to get these messages out there. Recruitment Videos

Training and Support Videos

Training — the no brainer of business video. If your team is all over the country, state, or world — expert videos for sales support can fire them up at once. Or save thousands of dollars with post sale support and maintenance videos.

Internal Communications Videos

Video is effective for internal communications, change management, employee orientation, compliance, health, legal & safety. Highlight business plans, new business activities, and direction

Advertising , Marketing and Promotion

Even if you don’t use broadcast commercials, there are ways to advertise using online video pre-roll, online sponsorships, in-game advertising, event sponsorships and in-theatre advertising. You can use viral ideo, or video in landing pages and micro sites.

PR Support and Community Relations

Beyond the video press release, there are news packages & other PR support materials. If your company is helping the environment or contributing to important causes you should be capturing those efforts on video for your community relations reel and corporate responsibility video

Event Video

Why limit the event to the size of the venue? These days, event presentation video get thousands of extra views, round table sessions go viral, live internet broadcasting open up your expert Q&A sessions to the world.