When Donald Scott NYC wanted some video to support their new product launch and website, they decided to outsource the video production to WPRNY. We were able to capture enough footage in one day for all fifteen finished pieces below and this increased engagement by 38% on their web site. Then we discovered that 64% of consumers were more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. See how we did it.

Our Choices
The initial choices were to use several cameras to give the hair stylists, who are not professional actors, the ability to relax and be themselves in front of the cameras while we, as the producers, could also relax knowing that we will have ample freedom to edit as needed, to cut unwanted parenthetical comments and to insert retakes. We also decided to to shoot on a white background so that the product, models, and hair were the primary objects of focus. Watch 1 of the 15 total videos here:

Swivel Twist

Scroll down and see the other videos below.

The Voice as Branding Choice
The product videos are scripted voice mixed with live sound from the hair stylists. This British ethnic voice gives the the brand a progressive modern feel. That European edge contrasts nicely with the gritty NYC accents of the hair stylists .

The modern motion graphic styling, a bold font in an accent green without drop shadow and underscored with modern club music.

Massive Quantity
Although we only shot in one day, we were able to produce seven product videos, three tutorial videos, and four “how to” videos for their support page. We still have more material from the day that we intend to edit for their newsletters this year.

See The Ample Results We Produced From One Day Of Shooting Below

Product Video

Groom Stik Pro

Carving Comb

Chop Stik Pro


Blade Club

Prepare Liquid Tool Glide

Swivel Twist

How To Videos — Blade Changing:

Changing Blades on the Swivel Twist

Changing Blades on the DSX4

Changing Blades on the Chop Stik Pro

Changing Blades on the Carving Comb

Tutorial Videos:

Summer – Tutorial with Carving Comb & Chop Stick Pro

Grace – Tutorial with Swivel Twist & DSX4

Danny – Tutorial with Fine Carving Comb & Chop Stick Pro

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