We wanted to broadcast to a Youtube Live channel and the person who was being interviewed asked if we could post it to their FB channel at the same time. Then the other panelist asked if we could stream it to their Facebook Live page too. And third partner wanted to stream it to Twitch. Can we do it? Yes we can!

Previously, you were limited by how many computers or devices you had that could compress video and stream to a channel. You also were limited by the bandwidth out of the location. In other words, you needed one computer or device to stream to Facebook and you needed another computer device to stream to Youtube and so on. Then you were limited by the upload speed at the location — too many feeds out would clog the pipe.


Using ReStream.io to stream video to Facebook Live and Youtube Live at the same time

We tested reestream.io and were able to go out to several content distribution channels at the same time. As illustrated, one feed goes out of the location to restream and they send it to Facebook, Youtube an any other CDN. They have a UI that is easy to set up several custom channels via RTSM. You can sign up for an enterprise version to guarantee processor and bandwidth requirements via a custom subdomain.

Of course, you still have to have the gear and experience to turn a conference or event into a show. But at least once we know the live edit will go out to all the influencers once.