Sometimes video needs to look perfect, and video to support a product launch is one of those times. So we were excited to get the call to help our client launch a series of new products..

Infinite White Background for product video launch

Infinite White Background for product video launch

We are very excited about the resulting video. Using an infinite white background and three cameras, we were able to do three things at once. First we wanted product videos for their online store. We also wanted some tips videos for their social launch. And we wanted a sizzle reel of all their products. This image was shot with the Canon XF300.

We used a slider on a tripod for the Canon 5d mark iii and a Canon xf100 for the master shot. Our friend Eugene from 829 Productions provided production sound services so we had him on audio. He used a boom mic and a lav on the talent.

We will post these videos here when we’re done editing, but there no disappointment from what we’ve seen so far. Stay tuned.

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