My wife fortunately or unfortunately works for a financial intelligence company.  The on going economic down turn has forced her to change the coverage her reporters write.  With bureaus around the globe, she has had to one by one, travel to each to teach and explain what new areas the teams will cover.  A very time consuming effort.

I keep telling her, let me film one of your presentations, this way you can simply archive it and distribute it to your global offices and keep you from having to waste your time in each city.  (And show to all the new hires as she continues to build her teams.) One of her major concerns is that the information is proprietary and sensitive.  

Well, this is completely understandable.  I know how much time and effort she has put into researching, developing and implementing this new coverage.  The last thing I want is for her to feel like she is mass distributing this for any competitor to gain from.

I tell her that access to the videos can be managed in an easy and inexpensive way.  Just as their is technology to broadcast it clear as TV, there is obviously technology to allow only those who you wish to invite viewing it.  It would be as simple as setting up a page on your intranet site which requires a unique user name and pass code.  

I am still working on swaying her.  Deep down, I think she actually likes traveling to all these places– she gets a break from me.  

Nonetheless, business video presentations are a great, efficient and cheap way to distribute your message to a wide internal audience.  We would be happy to discuss how you can use technology to professionally reach your counterparts around the globe.