WPRNY developed a unique workflow that made it possible to produce high-volume, high-quality video production at lower costs.

WPRNY As Your Network
You don’t need to choose between quantity and quality. Partner with us to develop all the video content you need for your enterprise. We offer creative expertise along the way and we can even distribute the content across channels.

Most production companies are glacial. And we thought we were fast by comparison. Then we started producing breaking news packages for CNN and we learned how much faster video production gets.

We forged our workflow in the fast-paced breaking news environment. Today we produce hundreds of videos every month without breaking a sweat.

Process Process Process
We have the staff and experience to get an abundant amount of production done each day. It starts with planning. We listen to your objectives and take you through scripting and rapid storyboarding. When we don’t shoot in our studios, we try to shoot in curated and authentic locations to give life to your brand and product. Our unique workflow gives you the opportunity to offer feedback and approval, even if there are last minute changes. And we track your inventory so that you always know where your products are.

Not only that

  • We follow your brand guidelines so that individual product videos help shape your overall brand.
  • We even provide transcriptions, video titles and keywords for each video. We do this so your are SEO ready and so search engines and Amazon buyers can find your content.
  • We can even host your videos and make it easy to add them to your web site.

Examples High Volume Product Video
Although we only shot in one day, we were able to produce seven product videos, three tutorial videos, three social media videos and four “how to” videos for their support page. We still have more material from the day that we will use in a news letter later this year

See The Ample Results We Produced From One Day Of Shooting Below

Product Video

Groom Stik Pro

Carving Comb

Chop Stik Pro


Blade Club

Prepare Liquid Tool Glide

Swivel Twist

How To Videos — Blade Changing:

Changing Blades on the Swivel Twist

Changing Blades on the DSX4

Changing Blades on the Chop Stik Pro

Changing Blades on the Carving Comb

Tutorial Videos:

Summer – Tutorial with Carving Comb & Chop Stick Pro

Grace – Tutorial with Swivel Twist & DSX4

Danny – Tutorial with Fine Carving Comb & Chop Stick Pro

If you want this sort of productivity from your video content team, look no further. Fill out the form on this page and get an easy upfront fixed bid proposal back from us within one business day.