Corporate videos are unique productions that are tailored to each individual company.  The skills behind designing and writing a corporate video are varied.  From the public relations side of staying on message, to the graphics which illustrate your points, to the voices that praise and detail your product, it is a hybrid of movie and movie production.  

You should look for a seasoned corporate video production company to produce your video.  Preferably, you would like a production company that employees veteran news producers who know how to in short, concise bites write efficient copy which highlights the exact points you want to deliver.  A full service production company would provide script writing, graphic design video shooting, editing and final delivery/broadcast of your video.  

For companies that are not located in a major city where most video production companies are based, this does limit your alternatives.  However, if you found a company that you wanted to work with, often times they will be able to work with you without actually traveling to your location.  There are plenty of freelance camera crews that can be dispatched in a local area with specific instructions to shoot exactly what your production company needs.

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