There are many rookie mistakes to be made when making videos for doctors.

In the process of researching videos for marketing plastic surgeons to their patients, we noticed that something was wrong. Most of the doctors had home made videos for their practice where they seemed to be speaking to other doctors and not to their patients. In fact, even though they were supposedly trying to reach their potential patients, in many of the videos, they would refer to the patient as “the patient” and not as “you”. It was all wrong.

“Letting the doctor describe the proc├ędure is one of the worst things you can do when marketing your practice,” says Eric Wolfram, from Medical Marketing for Doctor & Health Care, “they will almost always make the subject as exciting as the latest academic report from the American Journal of Roentgenology.”

Worse yet, doctors were describing the procedures and complications during procedures in cold clinical terms, sometimes even showing bloody video of patients laying like a corpse on the operating table while under general anesthesia. This is not the visual language that will motivate a patient to move forward with their liposuction.

So we encouraged a focus only ont he benefits that the patient will receive — safe natural procedures, friendly educated staff, quick recovery — and showed images of a pleasant waiting room, smiling reception, warm friendly nurses & doctors, modern equipment, and testimonial from other happy patients.