Oxygen Ads approached us to handle the live streaming broadcast from Roosevelt Hospital in NYC. The topic was Thyroid Nodules: Assessment and Management from Dr. Catherine Sinclair. Here’s how we handled it.

We opted for a single camera at HD going into an imac running Wirecast. We put Desktop presenter on Dr. Sinclair’s laptop and then created a big/little in wirecast.

Big/Little layout for live streaming from NYC

Big/Little layout for live streaming from NYC

We chose Ustream Pro as our content distribution network over LiveStream because they don’t require login to view and because the number of viewers that we expected wouldn’t have made Ustream’s bandwidth extra pricing kick in.

Some of the particular spec we used to stream live from NYC:

  • Camera output 780×1220 at 60 f/s via an HDMI cable
  • HDMI went to a Blackmagic Mini-UltraStudio Recorder
  • The Blackmagic box went into an imac via a Thunderbolt cable
  • Wirecast broadcast setting were to stream a 480×585 at about 800 kb/s to Ustream

Hera are some words of advice to people who attempt to do the same thing:

  • Show up at location at least a week before hand and test every aspect of the production
  • Reboot the desktop presenter application if you can’t see it in Wirecast
  • Make sure all shots in Wirecast have the correct audio associated with it
  • Make an animated graphic to run prior to the event “starting soon”
  • Make sure you ask from questions from the viewers at the beginning, middle, and end of the broadcast.

If you would like to stream video live from NYC area using a simple Wirecast setup, we would love to help you with an estimate for your costs.