Engage Your Customers With Video

We have experience that can help you reach your consumers and customers in creative and compelling ways.

Product Video

People are more likely to buy when they see the product being used in a video. Lifestyle shots of how the product is used answers that question for the viewer. Here are Some Examples

Social Media Videos

We work with you directly to create focused video content that is tuned to delivering impact on your website, through social media. Learn More

Increase Revenue & Sales

Studies show that video keeps web visitors engaged and increases their willingness to buy. See how we do it

Video for Search Marketing

We are tracking 125% more leads from our video content then from the client’s Adwords campaigns. Video content marketing works. Here’s why. Read the Case Study

Brand Video, Social Media, FAQ Videos, Customer Testimonial

The power of video deployed correctly on your website, through social media, on platform channels, and as recurring content can deeply connect with your consumers and customers and make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Seeing is Believing

It may be as simple as letting customers see how the product is used and to hear how people are talking about it.

Examples Videos for Customer Engagement

FAQ Video or Blog Video

Educate people about your expertise & services. This Video FAQ series resulted in new search engine traffic for Dr. Geen.

Event Promotional Video For Social Media

American Ballet Theatre Studio Company wanted to get the word out about an upcoming show. We produced a series of square videos that the dancers shared on their social media channels.

It’s A Social World

When people started watching video on mobile phones, everything changed. We know what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do to make engaging video content for your social media channels

Product Launch Video for Ecommerce

The raw NYC look of the hair stylists is tempered by a young ethnic sounding British voice to give the brand a progressive and European edge.

Promotion Video for Social Media

People scroll on their mobile phones. The square video takes over most of their screen. It autoplays. The graphic text takes over. They read. They “like”. They share. It’s engagement!

Video Helps Search

Search engines track how long visitors stay on your website before they bounce back to the search result pages. Video increases that time and also the likelihood that your website will appear in search result pages.

Tell Us About You

We would love to hear how you’re thinking about engaging your customers.