DANGER - Nobody cares about you.

DANGER – Nobody cares about you.

News Flash: Nobody cares about your brand or product on social media. I repeat. Nobody Actually Cares.

When producing video for social media we always need to remember: Nobody actually cares about your product or brand. They may tolerate you for a bit but not if you keep annoying them with ads.

People are exposed to 3000 to 5000 advertising messages every day, according to USA Today, and we all have become experts at recognizing them and ignoring them.

You automatically enter a sort of agreement with someone when you appear on their social feed.

The agreement is: You show them something that is interesting, funny or apt. In exchange, they may decide give you a moment of their attention.

That’s it. That’s the best case. You might enter into their awareness. That’s the best you’re going for.



So back off with your sales pitch or call to action. So don’t start with a pictures of your product. Nobody cares!!! And don’t start with your big bold logo. Your logo is big blinking billboard saying IGNORE ME IGNORE ME IGNORE ME.

On social media, if a person realizes that they’re watching an advertisement, it’s like you’re dead to them. They mentally shut you off in a split second and scroll on. The chances are that they not “like” it, except maybe by accident. They will almost definitely not “share” it (when was the last time you shared an advertisement?).

Share Me and All Your Friends Will Know You’re a Chump”

They won't share if you make them a chump.

They won’t share if you make them a chump.

Instead, start your social media video with something that is visually interesting for the viewer. Something that is sharable.

If you want them to watch. If you want them to “like”. If you want them to “share”. Don’t show them an advertisement.

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