Have you been posting web videos directly to your Facebook channel and calling it a day? If so, you may have room to leverage the content you already have to get even more engagement from Social Media. For Example.

This footage was taken from a 5 minute “how to” video and reworked for social media.

We took the best footage, put it in a square format, used super-imposed text instead of audio track, and kept it short. These 60 second makeover videos are Getting 15K+ Views and Shares on Facebook.

It’s All About Screen Size
Most content needs to be edited for the size of the screen. That’s why movies are 2 hours and TV shows are 30 minutes. It’s the size of the screen which dictates how long a person is willing to watch. This is why the best most watched web videos are 3 minutes. Guess what? 3 minutes is too long for most mobile viewers. And it’s too long for most social media channels.

Killing Your Babies
The original producers or editors of your web videos might not see the gold you have in your raw footage anymore. They could be too focused on the original objective to see the vision. Or maybe they love everything they produced so far, that they can’t abandon their babies on the cutting room floor. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can ruthlessly distill your footage even further and take your content deeper into your message. This is why we like to give a new creative editor a whack at turning our old content into new pieces that are specifically edited for your social channels.

When DSNYC wanted more video for their social channel, we had enough content to produce an entire series of 60 Second Makeovers. These shorter square videos are getting one hundred times more views and share than their original 5 minute makeover videos were getting on social.