These days there are many options for hosting your company video or promotional material. YouTube, the obvious answer, has it’s limitations. They limit the file size to 100 MB and they limit the length of the video to 10 minutes. That doesn’t help if you want to host an hour keynote speech or a lengthy training video. You can also place the video on your own company servers, which could work if you have the space on your hard drives, however, the limitation from that strategy is that if the video is suddenly viewed by many people at the same time, the stream might slow to a crawl. So what do you do? I’ve been using a free service from where they allow you to upload up to 1 gig in a single video. Here are the benefits of Blip:

  • Allows huge uploads
  • Allows you to view the original file and converts your file to flash
  • Lets you stream from your own site without any indication that the video is on blip.

The obvious limitation of is that it is not intended for private video because all video is public. Still, when you’re looking for a place to host video, consider