Long distance learning has been around for some time now.  The idea behind long distance learning is it is able to provide convenient access to educational courses online to those who either geographically or financially may not otherwise be able to attend.  The courses are delivered over the internet where students log-in and attend at their leisure and convenience.

Traditionally, this has been geared towards undergraduate and graduate level courses, however, many continuing educational programs are now taking their curriculums online.  These professional courses are broadcasting their material online both live and on-demand.  For example, WPRNY has begun consulting with a large Continuing Medical Education (CME) program and outlined ways to monetize from extending their attendance and revenue from what was previously a one-off event.  

By helping to broadcast their CME conferences, we now have given the ability for doctors in Africa and Europe and all over the world to attend these specialized meetings, who previously would have been unable to participate in the dialogue unless they travelled to the conference.  The educational reach is tremendous, and what follows for the CME is increased attendance, revenue and notoriety.  In turn, doctors and other medical professionals can now gain their mandated CME credits at their convenience by watching the conferences online.

Almost any educational opportunity can be produced for a webcast.  Providing a professional stream of this material can greatly enhance your organizations’ awareness and balance sheet.  We work with both educational organizations and businesses to webcast their meetings and courses.  Contact us to discuss how you can increase your awareness and attendance for your courses.

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