Here’s how we set up Wirecast to work with an HD camera, and a powerpoint presentation in big/little. We used HDMI out from our camera into a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder, which transferred the signal from HDMI to Thunderbolt.

* First make sure that you get the input from Blackmagic working within BlackMagic’s capture software Media Express. This may take some toggling of the preferences and camera preferences. We ended up with Project format HD 720p at 59.94 and Capture File Format set to Quicktime Apple ProRes 422 HQ.
* Blackmagic system preferences were Set Input to HDMI Video & HDMI Audio, Use 1080p not 1080PsF was unchecked, and Select input processing was 720p HD to SD Letterbox 16:9.
* Within Wirecast, make sure you turn off audio of the desktop presenter or the system will lag. Go to source and click on the desktop presenter source and uncheck audio.
* Make sure you associate the camera’s audio with the full screen desktop presenter shot so that when you see the desktop in full screen, you still hear the presenter.
* We set the stream to 480p at 800kb/s to accommodate every downloader.

The event went well and you can see the results here.