video blog for business

video blog for business

A Video Blog as an easy way for a business to engage customers in an ongoing exploration of a mutually beneficial passion. Video can put a face on your company, engage customers in your product or train your staff on the details of your services.

Blogs are a chronological publication of personal thoughts and web links. So a video blog (or vlog) does that with video. It’s a chronological broadcast of video. A video blog for business is a web site that shows video content for your customers or staff in a chronological format.

Other benefits of video blogging include:

  • Increases time on your web site which is good for SEO
  • Your site shows up in video searches
  • For people who would rather not write, it’s a easy natural way to communicate about the subject you know so much about

For small business, these broadcasts can be low brow and raw. Just use a web cam, an iphone, or most digital cameras can record in video. It’s a way for the internet viewer to get a feeling that they know who you are and what you’re about before they even meet you in person. It can go a long way to establish yourself as an expert or a capable service provider.

There are several ways to generate business by using video on the web.

  1. Tape a personal introduction or welcome message for your Web site visitors.
  2. Publicize and highlight a special product offer or company promotion.
  3. Share company news, updates or executive briefings with your customers.
  4. Use your video for product demos or training.
  5. Videotape customer testimonials to generate new business.

But Video Blogging is not just for small business. Medium and large businesses are using video too. In these cases, an agency or production company can help refine the rough edges by translating your goals & objectives into compelling scripts and subject matter. We then cast the right faces and voices, & produce the videos in a quality professional manor and edit them and publish them on a pre-defined edit calendar.

If you want help creating a video blog for your business, please reach out to us at: 646-519-2451