On March 23rd we were happy to provide live web broadcasting for American Express Leadership Academy as they hosted the live keynote — The Future of Social Purpose Leadership. This lively discussion with two of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”, Nancy Lublin, CEO of DoSomething Inc., and Ami Dar, Founder and Executive Director of Idealist.org, discussed trends and the future of the social purpose sector.

We helped them with registration by building this web site and we went to the location a week prior to the event so that we could make sure the outgoing stream worked with the hotel’s internet service provider. And good thing we did, because it took a phone call to their ISPs support and two hours for them to resolve an issue. That’s not something you want to do on the day of your shoot.

Live Web Broadcast from downtown NYC using Teradeck Vidiu and uStream.com

Live Web Broadcast from downtown NYC using Teradeck Vidiu and uStream.com

The hotel was able to assure us that nothing in that room would change from the time of the test until the time of the event. If we had tested a month early, instead of a week before, it’s unlikely that the hotel would have been able to make those assurances. This is why we always like to test the week before the event and not a month before the event for reasons like this.

The hotel gave us 5 MB/second upload speeds and we were only sending a 800kb/s stream to ustream.com, our content distribution partner. In the end, even though there were some power points and media, the client opted for a single camera because the costs and complexity are lower. We think this single camera stream was great quality video at a very reasonable price.

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