Webinar’s have become the new media for marketing and communication.  Our clients have started to become interested in hosting webinars.  From TD Ameritrade to Salesforce, webinars have become the ultimate marketing tool to individually communicate with clients. And maybe it’s something that you want to consider.

Live HD Broadcasting for Business Events

Many companies however, don’t want to take on the management and technical role of producing a webinar.  There are now numerous companies or crews able to assist with hosting a webinar. The most basic of services is essentially a broadcast a single video camera feed over the internet.  The next step up is to have the presenters computer equipped, allowing perhaps a couple of cameras, graphics, image and voice, along with presentation slides broadcast over the net.  Finally, you have a custom broadcast which looks similar to a television broadcast, multiple professional cameras, name fonts, full screen graphics and seamless transitions between them.  Here’s a more technical breakdown on the differences and benefits of these three levels of webcasting service.

Naturally, the price for these services ranges.  For voice and slide presentation, the cost can even be free if you don’t mind advertisements and co-branding shown with your feed.  Second tier service is more expensive because it generally requires a crew and some pre-production service but theoretically can be done in it’s most basic forms for as little as 1.5K for an event. For the highly produced muli-camera broadcast, the equipment costs create a barrier to entry that keep the avocational broadcasters out of the field and you can quickly add a zero to the aforementioned price.

Of course, with quality comes perception.  If you are a company that isn’t flashy, if the subject matter is what’s important and not the perception, then the final product might not matter as much.  If you conducting this in hopes of getting new business or sponsors for your event, then obviously, the more professional you look to your end user, the higher chance of success will be with their business.

Webcasting an Event to increase visibility

Webcasting an event to increases visibility for your sponsors

Be sure to look and listen to examples before you commit to a provider.  Look for a clear  and audible broadcast and the quality of the images, as a viewer, are you engaged?  If there is video, does the audio synch with the video or is there ‘lip flap’?  Remember, once you commit to a provider, you want to feel comfortable with their work so that any headaches are removed.

We are happy to discuss any needs you may have concerning a webcast or webinar for your company.  WPRNY provides high-quality, professional webinars and webcasts to our clients.  We know that customer service, hassle-free broadcast are reasons they choose us.

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