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We Solve Customer & Employee Engagement Goals With Video

Creative Projects

Creative Solutions to Business Objectives

Creative Solutions to Business Objectives

We help with creative choices that best serve your business goals.

  • Video to engage your customers, partners & clients in your product or services.
  • Video to engage your employees with culture & vision — from recruitment, to orientation, to training and compliance.

Once we understand your objectives & your messaging, we help you publish video in ways that get your message out. Sometimes that means optimizing video content for SEO, publishing your videos using best practices for video on social media, or seeding your video with influencers. Or if you just want a videographer to film a sales meeting — we do that too.

We Solve Customer & Employee Engagement Goals With Video

Interview for Promotional Video at ABT

Interview for Promotional Video at ABT

Engage Your Customers, Partners and Clients With Image and Sound

We help you generate buzz and excitement about your products and services.

Customer, Partner, & Client facing videos are typically promotional videos, pitch videos, conference presentations, marketing videos, affiliate & sales training videos. When needed, we provide or manage branding, messaging, art direction, search marketing, web site & application development. Whatever it takes to help you get the word out.

Webcasting an Event to increase visibility

Webcasting a talk or training to include remote offices & retail locations.

Videos That Engage Employees

  • Company Cultural & Vision Videos and CEO Message Videos
  • Recruitment & Employee Retention Videos
  • Orientation Videos, Change Management Videos & Training Videos
  • Video Content for Compliance Modules

See Examples of Video for Recruiting, Retention, Orientation & Company Culture

Employee profiles, recruitment videos,
training videos, , educational videos, social media videos, product launches, convention video. Sometimes we help with ongoing needs, like live online streaming video of a quarterly event or creating social media video content on a calendar. We even like to track the results to show how it affects your SEO or PPC campaigns.

Surprisingly Reasonable & Upfront Pricing

Only after hearing all of your needs can we determine your exact costs and provide you with a quick written fixed cost proposal that you can share with your team. That said:

At WPRNY we want to be clear and upfront with pricing and we hope that you will be clear and upfront about your budget.”

No matter what your budget is, we want to find a way for you to get the most value and, more importantly, effectiveness from the efforts. So in that spirit of openness, we share some of the cost ranges for typical projects that we have completed recently and show you what was delivered for those costs.

If one of these budgets below looks like you, then click on the button below it to let us know what you’re doing and to check if we are available.


Video Content Marketing
Video Content Marketing starts at 3K per month with a three month minimum. We create a content schedule and manage production to that schedule

Live Streaming
Live streaming goes from $1450 for a single camera broadcast to your channel to 9.5K for multicamera all day events on premium private ad free channel, and includes registration services.

Inbound Search Marketing
We have three inbound search marketing products.

* The Usual Suspects – We install our huge list of negative key words in your Adwords account. This will save you money. $495
* The Adwords Checklist – This is a tune up to your Google Adwords and Analytics accounts. We have a list of check ups to make sure you’re optimized. It includes The Usual Suspects. It’s $1450
* Ongoing Adwords – We manage your account after the checkup. $950/month.

The fastest most efficient way to get the dialog going is to share some information about your objectives here so we can get you that no-obligation estimate ASAP.

Other Cost Information

How much does it costs to produce a video? — Asking how much it cost to make a video is very similar to asking how much it costs to make a house. It depends!

Cost of video production for an ABT Video — On October 9th 2013, American Ballet Theatre asked us to produce a 5-7 minute video that would explain a new initiative. The video needed to be ready to be played at Lincoln Center on the evening of November 1st. Many steps went into the video production and here is an outline of the costs.

Live Engagement with WPRNY…

WPRNY is a pioneer in live internet broadcasting. Read about our services here.

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