Video communication is a great way to engage staff, business partners & consumers.

  • Engage & Connect with Networked and Remote Staff
    We are helping companies to improve the way they connect and communicate with their employees across the enterprise — from recruitment to onboarding, through training, and company culture or change management.
  • Reach Suppliers, Retailers & Business Partners
    We work on live events and in the studio to help our clients launch products, train retailers and distributors, and communicate new initiatives and company direction.
  • Engage Customers with Creative Video Strategies & Solutions
    We create focused video content that is tuned to delivering impact on our client’s websites, through social media, on platform channels, and as recurring content to more deeply engage and connect with their consumers.

Here are some tips and ideas for how we are doing that that.

  • Eight Things To Think About Before Your Multi-Camera Webinar
    You think you want to go live? Think again.
  • Live Webcast Pre-production Considerations
    When Options Group asked us webcast the highlights of their 2016|2017 Compensation report to their staff and partners in two weeks, it helped that we already know the ample things to think about right away — the invites, the registration and all the other details that wouldn’t blind-side us this time. Production Manager Eric Wolfram shares these webcast deliverables so that they don’t blind-side you either.
  • Steady Cam & Testimonial Video for Conferences Promotions
    How we used Osjmo gimble to get descrete amd steady motion shots during conferences. You can see examples throughout this video.
  • Video for Marketing Financial Products
    WPRNY created a series of videos to promote five financial products for ETF Securities based on their precious metal funds. These videos were featured on the front page of the ETF Securities website in the US.
  • 9 Ideas for Attracting & Retaining Staff Using Video on Your Social Media
    That title says it all.
  • 6 Ways to Engage Your Business Partners With Video
    As a supplier, you may find yourself in a sort of joint venture with your distributors, retailers, installers, or other business partners. Video communication can be one of the most powerful tools to develop, coordinate and motivate them. Here are six ways to engage your business partners with video.
  • Reworking Footage for Social Media
    Have you been posting web videos directly to your Facebook channel and calling it a day? If so, you may have room to leverage the content you already have to get even more engagement from Social Media.
  • Be There & Be Square. Video Tips for Social Media
    People started watching video on mobile phones and suddenly everything changed. Square video. No audio. Graphic text. Many producers have their heads in the sand. WPRNY senior producer Eric Wolfram tells us what to do to make engaging video content for your social media channel, what NOT to do, and why.
  • Case Study: Outsource Your Video Production and Get Quality & Quantity
    When Donald Scott NYC wanted some video to support their new product launch and website, they decided to outsource the video production to WPRNY. We were able to capture enough footage in one day for all fifteen finished pieces below and this increased engagement by 38% on their web site. Then we discovered that 64% of consumers were more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. See how we did it.
  • Video Content Marketing & Why it Works
    The technique outlined in this case study will work for any business or any industry. We created short videos that answered questions that our client’s customers were searching on Google and it worked! A year later, we are tracking 125% more leads from this content then from our client’s Adwords campaigns. In this case, it is a $900 per month value for them and worth tens of thousands of dollars a month. In this article, we put the strategy on the table for you to see why it works and why you should do it.
  • High Volume Product Video Production
    WPRNY developed a unique workflow that made it possible to produce high-volume, high-quality video production at lower costs. We are oganized in a way where we could produce hundreds of videos a month without breaking a sweat.