News Feature

Get the word out. A news package service is designed to create content that industry bloggers and news organizations will publish. After conducting investigative research on your market or field and working with you to define the key points to highlight, we conduct interviews to gather sound bites that support the story. A script is written and the news package like this is produced.

A correspondent is used to tell the story with voice under the video that tells the story and with stand up moments, where the correspondent is on camera. Graphical elements are created, if needed, to support the story. A broadcast-quality two to four minute news package is then assembled in edit.

Exterior shots of your office or facility, b-roll of workers and interviews are included. Included in the costs is up to eight hours of filming, editing, producing the interviews, graphical elements, writing the script and voiceover.

We have provided Edit Services for as little as $750, however, only after listening to all your needs will we be able to give you an accurate estimate. To get started with a quick, easy, no hassle, no obligation estimate from WPRNY, please fill out the form on this page now.

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