Two-Day Summit

Two back-to-back days of presentations can cover a number of subjects.  Often times, there are choices to be made as to which speeches or presentations participants wish to attend.  Limit the amount of material  they miss out on by allowing them to view those they were unable to attend after the conference is over.  Professionally filming the events not only allows for further audience exposure to topics unable to be covered, but also provides archiving and future marketing material for your next event.

  • Up to six hours of speeches and/or presentations each day
  • Insertion of up to 60 power point slides
  • Editing
  • Graphics: Your video will begin and end with the topic of the upcoming speech and name fonts will be custom matched with your logo. At the end of each video one page of contact information or upcoming dates will be animated on and off.
  • Videos can be outputted as three web formats or as a DVD and two web formats.

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