Video News Release

Getting The Word Out

Getting The Word Out

Press exposure is one of the best marketing tools available to any business.  Why not create some press for yourself?  Hundreds of companies do postive, newsworthy events everyday, yet because they don’t have the proper communication or PR, their stories are never heard.  Producing a Video News Release does the work for these news stations who otherwise may not have the resources to cover or be aware of your story.  

Our Video News Release is produced in the same format to that of a broadcast news station: we  interview your employees or participants, write a script and voiceover exactly how a reporter would.  The final video is between two to four minutes in length and is broadcast quality.  This material is then distrubted to specific news outlets that you select.  

Included is: 

  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Producing all interviews
  • Script writing and voiceovers
  • Delivery  to local news stations


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